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The FOCUS is on YOU!



Your Mobile Eyewear Boutique™ offers a one-hour personal appointment, FOCUSED on YOU, in the comfort of your home or office. Wendy Buchanan sources eyewear from all over the world to offer you a boutique selection of eyewear and then she brings that collection right to your door!


Wendy’s image expertise and her warm personality blend to create a unique eyewear shopping experience to help you with a new look in eyewear that you will love to wear. She helps you select eyewear that will complement your facial features, wardrobe style and express your personality. Wendy’s passion and focus is to collaborate with you to achieve an eyewear transformation to boost your total image.


Wendy’s optical expertise ensures you are wearing a fabulous pair of eyeglasses that give you excellent vision. Wendy works with one of the best lens manufacturing labs in the city to have your lenses custom made according to your prescription and offers you lens choices and coatings that are specific to your visual needs. Once your lenses have been custom made, Wendy will deliver and fit your new eyewear.


Invest in your “specs appeal” with a new look in eyewear that you will love to wear! Click here to book your personal time with Wendy Buchanan.


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