When Choosing Eyewear

When choosing eyewear, I often break my own rules when fitting sunglasses so my clients can be whoever they want to be when wearing sunglasses.  Saying that I still want to honour and respect the client’s individual style.

Ow! Rihanna is Feminine and Sexy.  She has big beautiful eyes and a soft rounded, almost heart shaped face.  Choosing sunglasses with a strong horizontal line fights the curve of her brow and the softness of her hair style.

I would fit Rihanna with my Elegant Charmer frame style and recommend to keep the big sunglasses but choose a softer, round shape,  perhaps with some glitz .  Yes, big sunglasses can be sexy but be sure they don’t rest on your cheeks.  We don’t want your glasses moving every time you smile and your smile can be just as sexy as your sunglasses.


Kate has picked the perfect shape of sunglass.  Her oval face shape allows her the flexibility to choose many eyeglass shapes.  Her selection of sunglasses is classic and stylish and she has honoured her soft features and her Subtle Sophisticate frame style.