Power of Eyewear

There has been much talk about Sarah Palin’s eyewear or really – ‘lack of eyewear’ when she wears the rimless style frame. This particular style is a fabulous match for the romantic, feminine side of her personality and would be perfect to wear to a black tie event. Simply wearing eyeglasses will give others the perception of intelligence; however, for the vice presidential debate she needs to create a stronger, more serious, take charge image.

There is no question she is an attractive women and with her balanced face shape she can wear many eyeglass frame shapes and look good. I would categorize Sarah’s rimless eyeglass frames as my Elegant Charmer™ Frame Style. The Elegant Charmer™ style reflects the softer, romantic image. For Sarah’s business image I would recommend she move to the Subtle Sophisticate™ Frame Style to reflect a distinguished, dignified look.

The eyes are key to building trust with others and I would honour and accentuate Sarah’s big eyes by keeping the frame rounded on the top. To create strength I would fit a frame in a thicker metal material with a sharp edge or strong top bar.