Man Magnet

I recently attended the Association of Image Consultants annual conference in Vancouver and I always return needing a week to reflect on all that I have learned and experienced.  The one thing I know for sure is that none of us have achieved any level of success in our business without perserverance and hard work.  We have never “arrived” and we are never “finished” becoming all that we can be.  I am especially grateful that I have the opportunity to meet my image consultant colleagues every year and help them choose eyewear to “Be Spectacular” in their businesses.

I was thrilled to be in the company of many magnetic, energetic colleagues for 4 days.  Every year I look forward to seeing the many friends I have made over the years.  One of my colleagues from the U.K. is Sue Donnelly and I am especially eager to see her every year as she wears the most amazing eyeglasses and I get excited to see what she will be wearing.  She is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and embraces her funky style.  Sue writes a fabulous blog at that I highly recommend.

Sue is a testimonial that your eyewear can be sexy and in one of her recent blogs she wrote, “But why the Man Magnet title? Well, the round, old fashioned type that I chose seem to have a peculiar affect on men. Not that I’m complaining, as every time I wear them I get winks, smiles and you know, that LOOK that says I’m a very desirable woman.

Talking to my girlfriends, we decided that my new glasses are the equivalent of the prudish looking secretary that suddenly shakes her hair loose and whips off her glasses to reveal a sexy siren underneath. I’m all for that.”

I guess men do make passes at women in glasses.