Do Your Glasses Make You Look Old?

Do your glasses make you look old?

Have you ever met someone for the first time and while they were talking with you, they are peering over their reading glasses or they were taking the glasses off and on through the whole conversation?

I had a new client referred to me because he was doing just that.  This businessman was presenting to a group of Financial Planners.  At the end of his talk, a member of the audience approached the speaker and asked, “Do you know how many times you removed your glasses and then put them back on during your motivational talk?”  40 times!!!

Instead of listening to the speaker, this attendee was distracted by this movement and had not listened to the speakers’ message but rather counted the number of times he had removed his reading glasses.  He had no idea that this small habit could be detrimental to the success of his speech.

Working together, we decided that it was worth the investment in this man’s image and his business to move him into a progressive type lens.  Progressive lenses are a multifocal lens with the distance prescription at the top and reading at the bottom.  This allows the wearer to keep the glasses on ALL the time to see both distance and close up eliminating the on/off of reading glasses.

Peering over reading glasses can also make a person look OLD.  We remember our Granny peering over her reading glasses when talking with us or we remember a schoolteacher who may have been reprimanding us and we immediately think they are old.  Wearing progressives eliminates this perception, as there are no lines on the surface on the lens.  No one but your optician and hairdresser ever has to know you need your glasses to read!

Spec Accessories Can Be Magnetic

I was out for dinner last night at a delicious Greek restaurant on the Danforth.  While eating dinner, I looked over at another table and a woman caught my eye (no pun intended).  She was wearing a stunning pair of teal cat eye specs!  She commented on my glasses and we had a quick chat…she was celebrating her birthday!  I was also celebrating my birthday.  On the way out another group stopped me to compliment me on my specs.  From there we went off to the Danforth Music Hall to see one of my favorites, KT Tunstall perform her 1st show of her North American tour.  During intermission, I met another funky lady.  You guessed it!  She was wearing fabulous glasses.

As I reflected on the evening, I was grateful to my husband for organizing a fun date night and I also realized how many people I get to meet just because I wear really cool glasses.  It is like my glasses are a magnet for people.

I realized that if you are in a position where you want to be noticed:  a cocktail party, a networking event or even looking for a new mate, you may just need a “Spec Accessory” that reflects who you are and attracts new people to you. You also need to be ready for the attention!