Avoid Selfie Sabotage!

Don't use a selfie to get help selecting eyewear!Are you deferring your eyewear decisions to a third party friend or family member based on a selfie?  If so, you may be wearing your friends’ personal style or worse…you may have invested in a beautiful new frame and the best prescription lenses to frame your beautiful eyes and then you just don’t love them.

Eyewear is one of the most visible accessories we wear and one of the first things that people will notice when they meet you.    Unfortunately, a self portrait on a smart phone simply does not accurately reflect colours making it difficult to see if the frame is harmonizing with hair colour, complexion, eyes and wardrobe colours.  The second problem is that often the photo may be shortening or elongating the facial features depending on the angle and distance that the selfie was captured.  This distortion will then give a inaccurate view of balance and proportion.   The third thing that is totally missing from a Selfie is the body language that is captured when you wear a frame, look in a full length mirror and see your entire body and how you embrace (or not) the new look.   If you love it, you  stand taller, feel more confident and your face lights up with a big smile.  As an Eyewear Image Consultant, this is the best part to watch!!!

Please don’t trust such an important decision to a selfie.  In all fairness, to both your friends and your Optician, invite the person whose opinion you value to be part of the entire eyewear selection process.  They will enjoy the opportunity to  “see” the real live you and truly help you achieve a “spectacular” look.  You will receive lots of  compliments and most importantly, your new eyewear will reflect your personality and you will love them too!


Wear your Frame Style and Own Your Look!


Kathy Kruivitsky, www.wdsinvest.com

I believe that the most important factor when selecting new eyewear is to honor your personality and project your true self.  I was in a client meeting last night and we both had the same face shape and hair colour.  You would think we could wear the same frames but that was not the case.  The big difference was our Frame Styles.  While I love to be the Daring Dramatic frame style, my client is the Subtle Sophisticate frame style.  This required me to change the material and the shape of frames I was selecting for her so to compliment her personality and wardrobe.  Your eyewear must be a current style so you don’t look dated, but you don’t necessarily have to wear the trends if they are not YOUR style.

Kathy Kruivitsky is a perfect example of THE NATURAL frame style and being authentic with her image.   Kathy is a Wealth Manager and it is crucial that her clients trust her and feel a connection.  THE NATURAL personality is friendly and approachable and able to build rapport and solid relationships with their clients.

Kathy’s amber and red plastic frames match the weight of her suit fabrics and also match the chunky accessories she loves to wear.  If we fit Kathy with a trendy Geek Chic frame, it would not be congruent with her business, personality or wardrobe style.  Her overall image is confident and trustworthy and hence her clients are completely open and honest with her so she can do her best to manage their money.

You will own your image if it is a true reflection of who you are and eyewear is one of the first accessories that others will see.  Kathy’s eyewear is a flattering colour, accentuates her eyes and is the final touch to her confident, approachable look.

Face shape is not everything

Recently I was watching a morning news program and they were featuring a new line of eyewear.  In this segment, they were commenting that if you are one face shape, you should wear this shape of eyeglass frames and so on.  The only problem this creates is “how do you know what your face shape is?”

In 2007, when I created my training program, Be Spectacular, I would spend a considerable amount of time in my workshops teaching face shape characteristics and then how to determine face shape.  What I realized working with humans is that they have many different “perceptions” of what they are seeing.  Then a time-consuming debate occurs trying to find the “right” answer before we even start to find the right style of eyeglass frame.

While I think it important to consider face shape as an overall generalization, I believe that we need to take a closer look at your facial features.

What do you love on your face?  It is your eyes, cheeks, nose?  Once we know the best feature, then we can fit the frame to enhance that feature.  For example, if you have large eyes, choose a frame that arches up on the top to open up the eye area.  Also, be sure the frame is as wide as the widest part of your face so the eyes are not cut off horizontally.  If the frame is not wide enough you will add weight to the cheeks.  Think of it like wearing a pair of pants that are one size too small: not good, right?

If the cheekbones are your best feature then best to avoid a rectangular shape.  The flat line on the bottom will cut off the cheeks.  Opt for an upswept shape to accentuate this area.

Instead of spending time determining if you are Square, Oblong or Heart, simply start to look at balance and proportion on your face.

3 Tips:

1.  Be sure your glasses are the right size for your face.
2.  Have the frame open up your eyes.
3.  Love your LOOK!