Wear your Frame Style and Own Your Look!


Kathy Kruivitsky, www.wdsinvest.com

I believe that the most important factor when selecting new eyewear is to honor your personality and project your true self.  I was in a client meeting last night and we both had the same face shape and hair colour.  You would think we could wear the same frames but that was not the case.  The big difference was our Frame Styles.  While I love to be the Daring Dramatic frame style, my client is the Subtle Sophisticate frame style.  This required me to change the material and the shape of frames I was selecting for her so to compliment her personality and wardrobe.  Your eyewear must be a current style so you don’t look dated, but you don’t necessarily have to wear the trends if they are not YOUR style.

Kathy Kruivitsky is a perfect example of THE NATURAL frame style and being authentic with her image.   Kathy is a Wealth Manager and it is crucial that her clients trust her and feel a connection.  THE NATURAL personality is friendly and approachable and able to build rapport and solid relationships with their clients.

Kathy’s amber and red plastic frames match the weight of her suit fabrics and also match the chunky accessories she loves to wear.  If we fit Kathy with a trendy Geek Chic frame, it would not be congruent with her business, personality or wardrobe style.  Her overall image is confident and trustworthy and hence her clients are completely open and honest with her so she can do her best to manage their money.

You will own your image if it is a true reflection of who you are and eyewear is one of the first accessories that others will see.  Kathy’s eyewear is a flattering colour, accentuates her eyes and is the final touch to her confident, approachable look.

Joy of Specs!

The season is getting busy as everyone pulls together their outfits for their holiday parties and I am thrilled to be helping clients top it all off with bright frames in red, burgundy and pink.  These colours are festive and accessorize perfectly with the little black dress.

When adding coloured frames to the wardrobe, I often get asked, “now what colour lipstick should I wear?”   I recommend taking your eyewear with you when shopping for lip colour so you can see the colour on your lips and then how it works with your complexion and frame colour.  The Daring Dramatic will get excited about a bright red lip colour with their bold eyewear whereas The Subtle Sophisticate may opt to tone down the lips when wearing a dark coloured frame.

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Do you look like Who you Are?

Elmer Olsen wears Daring Dramatic Eyewear.

Elmer Olsen with (one of his models) supermodel, Daria Werbowy.

I had the fun experience of visiting a Modeling Agency this week with my daughter. I would like you to think it was because I was “discovered” to be the next Supermodel…but sad for me that was not the case.

While waiting in the reception area, there was no doubt about where we were as 6-foot slim stunning young women surrounded us.

Once the room cleared, a tall man walked into the room dressed in trendy fashions, walking confidently and wearing a bold rectangular black and white asymmetrical marbled frame. He may not even be tall, but that is what I recall. ☺

He definitely had presence and a warm smile and I easily guessed that he was the OWNER of the modeling agency.

Once we started a conversation with this man, we knew he knew his business. He was direct at the same time he was friendly and open and engaged with us. The look he projected when he walked into the office and who he really is were exactly the same.

At no one time, did I look at just one thing he was wearing. Of course, I noticed his eyewear (it is my “thing”) but his whole image was congruent and authentic. I found it easy to build rapport and trust with him, as I was not trying to “figure” him out. His outward image was matched perfectly to his personality, as was his “Daring Dramatic” eyewear!

P.S. He has 10 pairs of eyeglasses so my guess is they always match his wardrobe.