Do your specs pass the kiss test?

Do your glasses pass the kiss test - Perceptions Eyewear

We can work romance in to any story and fitting eyewear is no exception.  Now, just to be clear, I was NOT romanced or kissed at any point during this meeting!!

I spend a significant amount of time during my consultations to be sure that eyewear is highlighting the contours of the face, accentuating the eyes and enhancing the cheekbones but had not heard of the “KISS TEST” until recently.

I met a long time client at her home and we were enjoying changing her look and trying all the new frame styles for this year.  We had narrowed our selection down to a few frames and then asked her husband if he would like to weigh in on the decision.

He was receptive and my client presented each frame to him using her finest runway model poses and lip puckering sexy appeal.   At the end of our quick fashion show, he commented, “there is only one way to be sure that we have picked the best frames.”  I was intrigued to see how he was going to make the ultimate decision.  He then announced the “KISS Test” and proceeded to explain to us how it works.

He had his wife try on each pair and then he puckered up, embraced his wife and gave her a big kiss.  If the new eyewear moved on her face during this endearing embrace then the frame was out of the running.

I think it was a good excuse to smooch with his wife but he did come up with a winner after “testing” each frame. The final choice was an artsy tortoise shell frame from Canadian designer Cendrine O. that stayed firmly in place after many kisses.

The romance is still alive for them and it is my understanding that the KISS test is now a daily occurrence at their house.