Can you imagine having ONLY one pair?

Can you imagine having only one pair of glasses - Perceptions Eyewear


Have you ever waited to buy a new pair of shoes until your health plan would kick in $150.00?  Have you held off buying that fabulous new winter coat until February when your insurance dollars will reimburse you $100.00?  NOT!!

You know I am being facetious when I ask these questions but I wonder why the be-spectacled would wait 2 years to buy new eyewear or wait that long for the much-needed pair of prescription sunglasses.   Yes, they are considered a medical necessary; hence the small coverage under insurance plans, but just as important is how you look in your eyewear.

Can you imagine wearing your cross trainers with your little black dress?  Or hiking in your Jimmy Choos’?  It is difficult to have one pair of eyeglasses that functions or looks appropriate in all situations.

Over the last year, the big trend I noticed is that clients want to change up their glasses.  The comment, “If I have to wear them, I better look GOOD.”  They will wear one pair to the office and then a different pair to a dinner or cocktail party at night.  I have one client who owns an Ad Agency and her clients discuss what glasses she may wear when she shows up for the next meeting.  They are actually taking bets!!

For some clients, stepping out de-spectacled would feel like leaving home naked.  Their eyewear is that finishing accessory that tops off the sharp suit and the fabulous shoes.

Perhaps, one day we will all have a special closet just for our Specs!

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