Spec Accessories Can Be Magnetic

I was out for dinner last night at a delicious Greek restaurant on the Danforth.  While eating dinner, I looked over at another table and a woman caught my eye (no pun intended).  She was wearing a stunning pair of teal cat eye specs!  She commented on my glasses and we had a quick chat…she was celebrating her birthday!  I was also celebrating my birthday.  On the way out another group stopped me to compliment me on my specs.  From there we went off to the Danforth Music Hall to see one of my favorites, KT Tunstall perform her 1st show of her North American tour.  During intermission, I met another funky lady.  You guessed it!  She was wearing fabulous glasses.

As I reflected on the evening, I was grateful to my husband for organizing a fun date night and I also realized how many people I get to meet just because I wear really cool glasses.  It is like my glasses are a magnet for people.

I realized that if you are in a position where you want to be noticed:  a cocktail party, a networking event or even looking for a new mate, you may just need a “Spec Accessory” that reflects who you are and attracts new people to you. You also need to be ready for the attention!

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